Kids Reclining Chair

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This reclining chair is specifically designed for kids. The sea is made out of vinyl which makes it easy to clean off any spills which we know are bound to happen. The 9cm plush cushioning  makes the chair comfortable so you won't have your kids winding about their chair. The built-in cup holder allows your kids to put their favorite drink down while they read, watch tv, listen to music or even take a nap. If you are after a comfortable and easy to clean chair for your kids look no further.


- Made in China

- Dimensions:

  - Overall height: 65cm

  - Overall width: 61cm

  - Overall length: 42cm

  - Seat height: 28cm

- Vinyl seat

- Precise recline adjustment
- Quality metal structure
- 9cm thick foam padding
- Built-in drink holder
- Ultra wide arm