Nebula Kitchen Bench Bar Stool

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The Nebula stool is a 65cm stool which is the perfect height for the average 90cm kitchen bench. This great stool is made from polyethylene plastic with built in led lights letting you choose up to 16 different colours. But this stool is unique because you are also able to use 4 different settings for your LED lights, you are can set it as a strobe light, to flash and more. This stool gives you so many different styles and colours that not a lot of other stools can give you. It also has a stainless steel foot rest to give you extra seating comfort. If you are looking at these stools and are thinking they are plastic they won't be comfortable well they are. The depth and the width of the seat allow you to sit in comfort. And the added bonus of plastic seats is if you have little ones, or really messy drunk friends, when they spill food or their drink on your stools it wipes off with ease.

Please note that due to these items being an older stocked item that the remote batteries may be flat. Please change the battery in the remote before contacting us. 


Made in China

Dimensions: Height: 96.5cm Width: 58.5cm Depth: 58cm Seat height: 65cm

Polyethylene Plastic (PE)

LED lights- changeable to 16 different colours and 4 different settings including flash, strobe, fade and smooth

we assure 100% snow white housing from 100% pure raw PE plastic resin

Stainless steel foot rest

Input voltage: 100-240V Output voltage: 5V

Remote control and adapter

CE and ROHS certificates

Rechargeable lithium battery 3.7V. 3600mAhX2 Battery life span recharge more than 5000 times

Recharge 6 hours Battery lasts 8~10 hours

IP54, can resist the sunshine and small rain must be kept in under covered area's only

Low power consumption

Led module can be exchangeable after its life

Indoor use only if left in direct sunlight the stool may go a yellow colour Not for commercial use

No assembly required