Gas Strut For An Office Chair

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Do you have an office chair that just isn't working correctly?

It may be going down by itself or it may be going up by itself. Don't worry you don't have a ghost problem and you wont need to call the ghost busters. It will more than likely be your gas strut needs replacing.

These chrome office chair gas struts are a class 4 gas strut meaning that they have a SWL of 200kg.(It will support 200kg not push 200kg) They are suited to a 5 star office chair base with a hole dimension of 49mm. If you are wanting to replace your gas strut but don't know where to start don't worry we will give you easy instructions to help you replace your gas strut and if along the way you get lost or confused you are able to give us a call and we will be more than happy to talk you through the process.


These are sold as complete units (as pictured).

This is a heavy duty gas strut (class 4)

Made in China


Height: 280mm-380mm

Diameter: 50mm at its widest tapering down to 44mm

Indoor use only

Suitable for a 5 star office chair base with a 49mm hole.

Can be used in a commercial or residential setting

To replace a broken gas strut in your office chair follow the below steps.

1: Place the office chair on its side on a flat surface (we recommend the floor)

2: Using a pair of vice grips grip around the top of the gas strut as close to the office hair mechanism as possible.

3: Twist the old gas strut out of the seat mechanism. You may need some leverage to help twist the strut out we use a metal pole and place it over the end of the vice grips. Depending on the age of the chair you may need to use some WD40 to help release some of the tension.

4: To remove the base from the gas strut. Place the base upside down (the gas strut facing the floor) on a hard surface, we use a bench that is 90cm high (kitchen bench height). We recommend using a 1-3/16 socket bit to help bang the old gas strut out. Place the socket on the gas strut end and hit the socket set with a hammer. If you find that it is hard to get out spray some WD40 into the gap where the strut and the base meet and let it sit for an hour or so and try banging it out again.

5: Once you have the old gas strut out place the new gas strut into the base.

6: Place the seat back onto the gas strut. You will need to sit on the seat to ensure that the seat locks into place. Once this is all done your office chair is ready to use.

If you have any questions through this process you are more than welcome to contact us on (07) 3281 1528 and we will be more than happy to walk you through step by step to ensure you get it right the first time.

Customer Reviews

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Dale Smith
The product did what it said. Great job

After realising i needed to take the little plastic cap off, the gas struts lift the chairs up and down again. The product did what it was suppose to do. It take a lot of muscle and whacking to get the old struts out but we succeeded in the end and they work like new. Great product.

Thanks for taking the time to review Dale.

Merilyn Andrews

Excellent Communication, Service and Delivery.
Recommend to all.

Thank you for your review Merilyn. I'm glad I could help.

Tony House

Product clearly identified and features listed on website. Order and purchase procedures worked well. .