Warranty, Care & Maintenance


Please keep your invoice as there is a 12 month manufacturer's warranty on furniture. You must contact us as soon as warranty issues appear, within 7 days, any extra damage done due to lack of action is not a warranty issue.

Warranty claims are to be made immediately when a fault is apparent, within 7days, any further damage caused by a lack of action on purchaser’s part is not a warranty claim. 12 month warranty only applies to manufacturing faults not wear and tear. Domestic products are not covered if used for commercial use. RUSTING OR LACK OF MAINTENANCE IS NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY.

It is the customer's responsibility to pay freight on warranty claims unless the item is D.O.A. (Damaged on arrival) We do not offer refunds unless the item is D.O.A. Photo's and video evidence of D.O.A product must be sent through to use within 24 hours of the items were delivered. Depending on the warranty issue items will be repaired not replaced.

Care & Maintenance


Please keep indoor products out of direct sunlight it will age all materials and change the colour permanently / prematurely.

Fabric protectors should be used on fabric products to make it easier to clean and also require a regular vacuum; this will prolong the life span of the fabrics by removing grime and harmful perspiration and also body oils.

Leather must be cleaned regularly and protected with a leather care product only. This is to prevent it from drying out.

Chrome and stainless steel products may rust due to moisture in the air, regularly wipe any dust or food off of the metal and coat the metal with a product that will protect it from moisture we recommend INOX or car polish (Turtle wax).

Any feedback that has been given to us from our customers (including but not limited to emails, messages, photos e.t.c) may be added onto our testimonial section of our website, please contact us as soon as possible if this does not suit you.

Vinyl & Leather

Before your new beautiful seats show signs of cracking we recommend a gentle cleaner like dishwashing liquid or Arco. For those that have never heard of Arco, Arco is a chemical that cleans vinyl & leather it also creating a silicon coating over the product that helps keep moisture in your vinyl and leather stopping it from peeling and cracking. Please note that we do not recommend using products like Jiff or gumption as these are abrasive chemicals that remove the top layer of vinyl & leather which causes your product to break down quickly.  

The areas that you need to focus on when cleaning your seats are where any body oil / perspiration come into contact with you seats. This may be where people’s legs touch the seat or it could also be where people pull their seats in and out.

If you really like your seats and they are structurally sound why not look into getting them re-upholstered rather than replace them. We would recommend getting a quote from your local upholsterer it may be cheaper than buying new ones.


Before you start using your new seats we recommend that you use a fabric protector (you can generally find these at your local supermarket). The fabric protector will help you get any stains, dirt and dust out of your fabric. Please note that the fabric protector will not prevent your fabric from soaking up any liquids we recommend that you try and remove any spills as soon as they occur. We also recommend regular vacuuming of all fabric items. If you follow these simple steps it will help prolong the life of your items. 

Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Brushed Steel and Stainless Steel 

Due to the high humidity that we can receive in the northern states of Australia you may find that some of your chrome, brushed chrome, brushed steel & stainless steel items may rust We recommend that you coat the base of your product to protect it. Some items that you can use include Inox, car polish (we recommend turtle wax) & WD40 (Please note that if you use WD40 you will have to use it more often as it will wash/ wear away quickly). These products will help create a barrier between the metal and anything that lands on it. 

Timber and Wood  

We recommend that you clean up any spills as they happen to help prevent any spills from staining the timber/ wood. Regular dusting of the products will help prolong the life of the stain. We also recommend that you use non abrasive chemicals like dish washing liquid and earth choice spray and wipe, ensuring not to get the timber too wet. These products will help prolong the life of the timber and will not cause the stain on the product to wear. ​