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Gas Strut For An Office Chair

Gas Strut For An Office Chair

Regular price $49.00

Gift Card

Gift Card

From Regular price $10.00

Kitchen Bench Bar Stools

Aloft Kitchen Bench Bar Stool

Aloft Kitchen Bench Bar Stool

Regular price $139.00

Art 65 centimetre resin stools in red shown at kitchen  bench

Art 65cm Bar Stool

From Regular price $45.00

Bindi Stool Chrome Various Colours

Bindi Kitchen Bench Bar Stool 65cm Tall

From Regular price $149.00

Bosun Kitchen Bench Bar Stool

Bosun Kitchen Bench Bar Stool

Regular price $169.00

Cheetah Kitchen Bench Stool

Cheetah Kitchen Bench Stool

Regular price $249.00

Como Gas Lift Stool Orange

Como Height Adjustable Bar Stool

Regular price $189.00

Bar Stools

What you need to know

  • Our Promise To You

    We will be there for you throughout your entire order. From when you are searching for your perfect seat on our website all the way through to tracking your product once you have ordered your seats. We will always keep you up to date with your order so your never left in the dark.

  • Our Variety

    We have a great range of styles, colours, heights and more. If on the very rare occasion you can't find exactly what your looking for, let us know and we will do our best to find the same or similar seat.


How long will it take to get my order?

It will normally table 1-3 weeks for your order to arrive to your home. This all depends on where in Australia you live. For more information about dispatch times and delivery times please refer to out shipping page. 

How do I stop my stools from rusting?

It is very important to maintain your items. Chrome, stainless steel and brushed chrome have a tendency to rust. To prevent your seats from rusting we recommend Inox or car polish (turtle wax is the best). These product will create a barrier between the metal and anything that may land on the metal. Its easy to apply, dust your base off (to remove dirt, dust or food) with a clean cloth spray or apply the product to the cloth wipe over the metal.  It is important that you continue to use these products on you metal, we recommend once a month (please note if you live close to water you should apply the chemical once a fortnight). You should also never mop over the metal base and ensure that the floors are fully dry before placing your stools onto any surface as this will also cause them to rust.

How do I slow my vinyl from cracking and peeling?

The best way to slow your vinyl from cracking and peeling is by regularly cleaning it. The easiest way to clean your vinyl is with dishwashing liquid and warm water. We recommend that you use your washing up water (before you start your dishes) get a clean cloth and dunk it into the soapy water. Then ring the cloth out so that the cloth is dampn not dripping wet, and then wipe your vinyl clean. Make sure that you focus on areas where your body oils touch the vinyl as these areas will break down faster.